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How to Buy the Perfect Fall Handbag

When was the last time you performed a bag assessment? A purse is more than an accessory – it is a statement, an investment, and a daily companion. Seriously, what do you hold more often than your bag? You carry it every day, so it has to be versatile, comfortable and good looking. It has […]

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Decoding The Casual Friday Dresscode

Casual Friday – Two words that are often a source of angst for employers and total confusion for employees. What started as a way for creating a more relaxed office environment has morphed into uncharted waters with no one guiding the ship. Some companies have instituted an addendum to their current dress code and some companies have […]

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It’s Time To Outsource Your Style

You heard me correctly, outsource what you are not good at! For you to continue reading this post we need to get your mindset correct, so you can realize how much you are already outsourcing. Let’s take an outsourcing challenge and see if you can check off at least 5 things on this list that […]

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Translating Fashion Week For The Everyday Fashionista

Often overheard, ”Trends, smends, I couldn’t care less about trends. I don’t understand them, I can’t afford them and certainly can’t keep up with them.” Sound familiar? Have you muttered these words? Then read on… These are the top trends from Fashion Week 2017, and a few tidbits on how they can possibly be tweaked for you! […]

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Reframing Your Mirror Image

There are two factors to how you personally perceive yourself – I call them the 2 M’s – the mind and the mirror. How often do we hear our girlfriends say how they still feel like they are in their twenties or thirties? How they still feel like that same girl, lassy, rebel, sweetheart is […]

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How To Navigate Plus Size

Plus Size? No problem! You’ve come a long way baby! Over the past 3-decades that the plus size trend has truly been defined, it was never described as fashionable. It was always laden with neutral color basics and housed in an upstairs corner in the department store or relegated to the basement near the washers […]

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Fine Tuning 2016 Fall Fashions

Call me old fashioned, but I love the term “back to school”. It musters up life’s timeline by streaming old photos through my memory. My first “back to school” photo memory is an old black and white photo of my brother’s first day of school and there, peeking through the screen door, is younger sister […]

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How To Wear White & Look Right!

Some women dread the season of white and some women love it. One thing we all have in common – we love the season of hot! Here are a few ways to wear white AND look hot! I held my first in a series of Signature Private Styling Workshops this week and the subject of […]

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