Doreen Dove

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” – Coco Chanel

Doreen Dove – Founder & Chief Stylist

The fabric of this company has been woven over several decades of my life.

I started at Ann Taylor as a high school student and stayed through Boston College. When I joined Ann Taylor it was a family owned group of 5 stores in which the founders were commonly present. This became the foundation for my career in fashion, working with, and learning from, a family with a vision, launching my lifelong career in the fashion industry.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with a variety of clothiers and fashion retailers in various markets (men’s, women’s, teens, off-price, custom, and luxury), where I learned to meet the unique needs of each customer and honed my natural eye for quality fabrics, exceptional tailoring, and exquisite details. Most importantly, I developed the skills to identify the right clothing to enhance not only the figure, but also the state of mind, of each customer … guiding customers to find their personal style, to make them look and feel their best.

Being a lover of fashion, I admit to pining for designer brands. But through my work with a private label men’s clothier, I learned that a designer look could be achieved without a huge price tag. We offered a more cost-effective solution to the business executive seeking an alternative to the high-end labels, enabling customers to get the custom-made look, without emptying their wallets.

Working with a chain of apparel stores, I grew their nearly invisible women’s department from an after-thought into a key destination for corporate women looking to “dress for success” without spending a fortune. Using innovative approaches, we were able to offer quality women’s business wear with style details and functionality not often found in women’s business attire. 

Whether you are a busy executive seeking a style update, a college senior ready to trade flip-flops for interview garb, a stay-at-home mom re-entering the workforce, or you’re simply looking to refine your image, I can help you unlock the secrets to great personal styling.

For timelessly fashionable people, clothing choices revolve around classic silhouettes, quality fabrics and impeccable fit.

I can personalize those elements for you, and give you the skills to recognize what it means to “be the best you.”

Let’s get started!


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    Click to Schedule a Style Consult
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  • In November 2011, I was trained and certified as a "Style for Hire" Stylist by fashion expert Stacy London. For eight years, through "TLC's What Not To Wear", Stacy has been helping people develop their own sense of style, while maximizing the investment they have already made in their wardrobe. I share Stacy's philosophy that personal style is just that - personal and unique to you.

  • Testimonial

    “I felt so much more confident and continue to get a ton of compliments on a daily basis. I think the best thing about the whole experience of the closet edit, new haircut and make up, etc. is that it just "stuck" for me. I am a perfect spokesperson for the value of this experience because this self-care is so far removed from my typical lifestyle. For me to fully embrace new ideas about how I present myself is a huge transformation, both psychologically as well as as physically. Speaking of physically, I've already lost three pounds and feel much more motivated because I feel like I look amazing in the process! Last night, another mom asked me what my secret was for "looking so good," and I glibly replied, "Divorce." But in reality, the secret was you. You helped me to jumpstart a new me! Thank you…thank you…thank you!” - LV