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The first step to reinventing your look is tackling that closet full of nothing to wear!

If you’re like most people, you wear 15% of your clothing 80% of the time. I will arrive armed with a rolling rack, hangers and any other organizational aids we may have pre-determined. I’ll roll up my sleeves and get to work editing and organizing your closet by season, category and color. Together we’ll define what is fabulous and why, and what is not and why not, based on your current lifestyle and body profile. We will talk about how to strike the perfect balance between looking appropriate and being comfortable. We will decide which items have outlived their purpose, which items could be updated with tailoring, and which items should be stored off-season. From there I will organize what is left, so your closet will be intuitive and shop-able on a daily basis for you. You will be amazed what you will learn along the way about your body profile, your wardrobe and your shopping habits!

Lets get started ~ let’s edit your closet
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    “Spent the best money of the New Year (and I know it’s early) on a closet makeover with Doreen Dove. I had a closet full of clothes that I didn’t wear because I didn’t know how to wear them! Not only did Doreen maximize and organize my closet space; she also used all of my existing clothes, accessories and shoes to put together fifty outfits and created an online Look-book for me! Now I don’t have to waste time getting ready to go anywhere. I just break out my look-book. She’s awesome!” G.B.