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As an image consultant, my goal is to help you revive your wardrobe and define your style, making it possible for you to be the best version of you! Dressing is a form of expression and the way you put yourself together can affect your attitude and self-esteem.

I offer a variety of services to help you “be the best version of you.”

My services typically begin with a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation where we discuss your needs and desires and determine the best steps to get you there.

We can start the actual process in one of many ways: Since 90% of us have put too many of the wrong things in our closet, cramping our space and our creativity, many clients want to tackle the closet, the source of frustration. We can start with a closet edit where we will transform the closet from a place full of nothing to wear, to an organized and intuitive space, full of options.

Perhaps you feel that your closet is organized well enough, but you want a better understanding of how to dress proportionately for your body type, how to mix and match what you have and what accessories you should add to construct a fashionable wardrobe. A wardrobe discovery can be very valuable as you will learn how clothing that fits properly and flatters your shape can transform the way you look! We can focus on your current wardrobe to help you get a sense of what items work for you, what doesn’t and why, and what you might need to add, in order to create many new combinations out of your key pieces.

To keep your style inspired, I can create a premium online personal look-book complete with 25 photographed outfits, commentary and options for updating these looks seasonally. View the sample premium look-book here.

Some of us are shoppers, and some aren’t. If shopping is not your idea of an enjoyable activity, I would be happy to shop for you. Based on our initial consultation, I will be equipped with your color preferences, favorite brands, your budget specs and the gaps in your wardrobe that need to be addressed. Then I’ll do the shopping and deliver the purchases right to your home or office.

If you’d like guidance learning the best places to find a particular item, or the likeliest stores to carry the perfect cut for your shape … or you need an educated eye to help you find the perfect special occasion dress, we can shop together. Based on your shopping list, I will locate the most likely sources for the items and have them selected and ready for you when we meet at the store. While we shop together, I will share my insider secrets to help you shop to optimize your time, budget, and style going forward while staying true to yourself. I will help you to understand how the retailer is trying to get you to spend, compared with how you should spend. You will acquire the skills for effective shopping, and you will be on your way to investing in yourself.


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    “After rebranding our company, I realized that I needed re-branding. My wardrobe had not been updated in years and didn’t reflect the emerging identity of the business. I needed to ramp up my professional image and didn’t know where to begin. I had several important public events coming up and realized that I had nothing appropriate to wear. In three hours Doreen helped me to assemble everything I needed for a coordinated, professional wardrobe that fit my body type, taste, personality, work needs and budget. This whole experience has had a very positive impact on my work life." - YA