I have an easy, budget friendly approach to virtual pricing

Your Style Debit Card™ will provide you with
Confidence On Call™ at a rate that fits your budget.

At your own pace, you can use your balance
($150.00 minimum purchase) for any virtual services you choose.

With your purchase of this new ‘debit card’, I will become your stylist on call! No more hesitating about contacting me for smaller style challenges or seasonal updates!

You will have access to my calendar with a link to schedule our time together around your personal preferences.

Perhaps you just need a seasonal update, a wardrobe tweak,
help with conference or vacation packing, a new look for your
LinkedIn photo, wardrobe help for an upcoming speaking
engagement, a refresh for a job interview – the needs are endless!

Virtual services include phone consultations, Zoom sessions, online product searches, creation (or updating) of your personal shopping page and more.

I can’t wait to meet you on the call!

Stylishly yours,

Let's Start With a Call!

Let’s Start With a Call!