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Is Your Wardrobe Keeping Up With The Changes In Your Life?

Changes are inevitable. Time stands still for no one as we have all recently experienced. As the calendar advances, so do our circumstances. In any given year we may have career changes, family changes, health changes, responsibility changes and even personal preference changes. Often times clients seek me out because something has changed, and they […]

Are You Bored With Your Winter Wardrobe?

Sorry ladies, Punxsutawney Phil says we still have another six weeks donning woolly winter clothing. It was reported that Phil communicated in “groundhogese” that he had cast a shadow. According to legend, that means the weather will be wintry for the next six weeks. If Phil didn’t see his shadow, it would have been an […]

Dressing With Photo Ready Confidence

 Are we talking selfies?Daily photo opps? No darling, I am talking job opps – forward motion opps. When I speak to corporate groups, it is always a mixed crowd as far as experience and even pay scale. But once in the room, it is a level playing field as we are all there for more […]

Summer Pedaling In Style

How was your 4th of July? I am writing from New Hampshire today – you know that State – Live Free or Die. In the summer, this is translated as the 4th of July that runs through November – aka – fireworks are legal here. We even have a store called Fireworks R Us!  The […]

Dressing For A Destination Wedding

Let’s be honest, for some of us, an hour away could be a destination wedding. But let’s think outside of a bigger box, perhaps even global! Even though we are not millennials, stating the obvious here, you might fall victim to the wishes of your millennial offspring. Long gone are the days of tying the […]

Decoding The Casual Friday Dresscode

Casual Friday – Two words that are often a source of angst for employers and total confusion for employees. What started as a way for creating a more relaxed office environment has morphed into uncharted waters with no one guiding the ship. Some companies have instituted an addendum to their current dress code and some companies have […]

Are You Making A Statement With Your Accessories?

A few seasons ago a new fashion term popped up – Statement Necklaces. We all bought in, the bigger the better, the heavier the cooler, the shiniest wins. Not so much. Think about it, if not for the term statement necklace, what would we be calling them? Garish, overdone necklaces, over-sized necklaces? I guess the […]

Start Your Spring Shopping With Purpose

As a former buyer in the fashion industry, I had several million dollars a year to spend in the market. Every single dollar of my open to buy had to be calculated by category so that when you, the customer, came in any of our stores we had an ample supply of jackets, skirts, pants, […]

It’s Fashionable To Exercise!

So, you finally got your butt off the couch? It’s only been about 55 days since that January 1st resolution! Good for you – this is a PR (personal record – just for the record). What now? Well let me ask you, if you are working out at a gym, a fitness facility or even […]

What Is Your Style Communicating About You?

Do Clothes Make The Woman? Let’s test the theory before we state the theory… We’ll call our subject CEO Audrey and we’ll leave the title definition up to you. She could be the CEO of a small company like Apple or the CEO of a large business known as her life. She walks in the room […]

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