1. What is a wardrobe stylist?

Think of me as a liaison, a translator of sorts. I can help you connect the real day-to-day world with the fashion world. Yes, the fashion scene can be a bit intimidating with stick-thin models, skyscraper shoes and prices to match! Let my years of expertise translate those trends and help you update your look, your way, on your budget. It is possible to work with your current wardrobe, update a few key pieces, incorporate a few current trends, and still have grocery money! Clothing does not need to be expensive to be fashionable, it just needs to fit, flatter and define the best you.

2. Are your services just for fashionistas?

Absolutely not! These services are available to everyone, regardless of your shopping budget or lifestyle needs. I can jump in at any point of your quest for style, whether it involves a wardrobe discovery, a complete closet edit or just shopping for one special event. My goal is to work with you while teaching you valuable skills that will get you on track with where you want to be today, and keep you looking great for a lifetime!

3. What are some of the reasons I might have for wanting to work with a wardrobe stylist or personal shopper?

There are many. Perhaps you’re in a fashion rut, always buying the same thing and never feeling like you’re truly expressing yourself the way you’d like to. Perhaps you get overwhelmed when you walk into a store and see all the choices, a form of mental paralysis sets in and you leave with nothing except a heightened sense of frustration. Perhaps you have a big event or new job coming up and you need to feel prepared. Or, you just feel clueless in general about how to put yourself together and you need a little guidance. Having someone with an objective and expert eye looking at your wardrobe can make all the difference.

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  • Testimonial

    "I have known Doreen Dove for over 30 years, since she managed my family’s men’s clothing store. Not only did she manage the business successfully but she ran it with the utmost professionalism. She was well liked and respected by both the staff and the customers. She was integral to the store’s success. Doreen is a stellar individual with impeccable taste and a spot-on sense of style." - DS