1. What is included in a closet edit and how long does it take?

Each individual closet is different.

While some clients have walk-in custom-built closets, others have a reach-in single pole shared by husband and wife (more typical here in New England). I will work both ends of the spectrum. You may just want me to work with select items and create outfits or shop to create outfits. You may need some help with organizing your closet intuitively and making it more manageable. We can also exchange misfit dry-cleaner hangers for fabulous soft grip hangers which treat your clothing with respect. If you wish, we can review your wardrobe piece by piece to determine what should stay, what should go, what should be tailored or stored off-season.

Depending on the scope of work,  closet edits  usually take two hours or more.

2. Will you make me get rid of my current wardrobe?

I will never make you get rid of anything! My mission is to simply show you what silhouettes, colors, fabrics and overall look works best for your shape, lifestyle, and comfort level. I will advise you on what wardrobe pieces work and why, and what pieces don’t work, and why. The bottom line decision on what to keep, donate, tailor, store off-season or purge is entirely up to you.

3. How can a stylist simplify my wardrobe?

By helping you eliminate the things that don’t work for you and guide you in making new choices that suit your style, body shape, budget, lifestyle, and personality.

4. How organized do I need to be in advance of a wardrobe consultation?

That’s entirely up to you. Some clients lay things out that they are particularly interested in working with and others just open their closet doors and say “help!”

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  • Testimonial

    "I have known Doreen Dove for over 30 years, since she managed my family’s men’s clothing store. Not only did she manage the business successfully but she ran it with the utmost professionalism. She was well liked and respected by both the staff and the customers. She was integral to the store’s success. Doreen is a stellar individual with impeccable taste and a spot-on sense of style." - DS