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How To Navigate the Length of Your Pants

The headlines are full of stories about gaps these days, budget gaps, government gaps, generation gaps and surely, you’ve heard about the ankle gap – even if it’s only in your coffee clatch. But if you haven’t had a conversation about how to navigate this style challenge, then now is the time. The style magazines […]

Are You Making A Statement With Your Accessories?

A few seasons ago a new fashion term popped up – Statement Necklaces. We all bought in, the bigger the better, the heavier the cooler, the shiniest wins. Not so much. Think about it, if not for the term statement necklace, what would we be calling them? Garish, overdone necklaces, over-sized necklaces? I guess the […]

It’s Time To Outsource Your Style

You heard me correctly, outsource what you are not good at! For you to continue reading this post we need to get your mindset correct, so you can realize how much you are already outsourcing. Let’s take an outsourcing challenge and see if you can check off at least 5 things on this list that […]

How To Get Dressed In Ten Minutes

As a stylist, I take all sorts of grief. You heard me correctly – grief. And it most often is served up at the grocery store. You heard me correctly again – at the grocery store. A better headline here would have been Grief at The Grocery Store! But alas what fashionista would open that […]

What Is Your Style Communicating About You?

Do Clothes Make The Woman? Let’s test the theory before we state the theory… We’ll call our subject CEO Audrey and we’ll leave the title definition up to you. She could be the CEO of a small company like Apple or the CEO of a large business known as her life. She walks in the room […]

Fall’s Faux Fur Finishing Touches

Flip through any style magazine today and see how many ‘fur’ items you land on. This is one of Fall’s hottest trends and granted we might like the look of real fur, but this is my personal post and I like the look of live fur so with that in mind it’s a faux-faux a […]

The Top 5 Steps To Refresh Your Image

Imagine with me for a moment… You just got the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Maybe You… Are launching a new empty nest business Re-launching a career that has been on hold Reaching for a higher position within your company Have the opportunity to land a million […]

Tips To Taping Your Video Like A Rockstar

These days, video is the way to go. If you are in business, provide a service, sell a product and have a website, video is on the top of your must-have list because it allows your prospects to get up close and personal with you. They can hear your voice, see your smiling face, get […]

How To Navigate Plus Size

Plus Size? No problem! You’ve come a long way baby! Over the past 3-decades that the plus size trend has truly been defined, it was never described as fashionable. It was always laden with neutral color basics and housed in an upstairs corner in the department store or relegated to the basement near the washers […]

An 8-Step Guide To Putting Together The Perfect Outfit

Can you build a grande-skinny-half-caf-caramel-macchiato every morning but not build yourself an outfit? Getting dressed is a task that most women take for granted. They throw open the closet doors, stare blankly at their options and grab the same combo they wore last week. The 15% challenge defined right there in case you missed it! We wear […]

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