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SunglasstrioYou may remember, if you are a loyal reader, that one month ago I took a direct hit to the eye with a tennis ball. Enough said about that.

Last week I went in for my second round of what I termed water-boarding while Dr. Whitecoat stifled a chuckle. Here is where I am: the wormlike floater is still floating around, no shock there. Sensitivity to light, still sucks, again no shocker. Second round diagnosis? My eyeball has a concussion, and it may not work up-to-par for two more months – ugh. Treatment? Avoid bright lights. Seriously, my days of aluminum foiled album covers and iodine are over, but Doc, have you seen how white my legs are? I definitely need a bit of Vitamin D!

Square Narrow -  Boyd Marbled Charcoal

The more I squawked, the closer he came with those granny black wrap-around sunglasses. No charge, he said. No kidding, who would pay for those? The only thing missing was the bejeweled cord so I could pull double-duty and wear them as a necklace. What’s next, Depends?

Boy, did I get the heck out of Dodge. The good news is that in my business I actually read the style rag sheets and I was somewhat consciously aware that there were fashionable alternatives like Warby Parker out there.

So I decided to follow my own previous advice here last month and utilize the Virtual Try-On services at Warby Parker. Their tagline is simply lovely, meticulously crafted eyewear starting at $95.00. They have one of the best virtual try on software programs, although they couldn’t seem to do anything virtual about my nose.

So now I need you to be my stylist and chime in below with what looks good or would look better on another mug – maybe yours!

Round Narrow - Ripley Whiskey TortoiseThe process starts with picking the shape
Round / Square / Rectangle

The next step – picking the width
Narrow / Medium / Wide

Next, pick the material
Acetate / Metal

And last but not least, pick the color, of which there are 12!

Tortoise, blue, brown, purple, black, two-tone, grey, gold, green, silver, red and crystal – how do you spell wowser?

What do you think?  Let me know! Comment here at the bottom of this blog post!eyewear

Need some style advice on your eyewear selection? Upload your pic to the Warby Parker site, take a screen shot and share it with me at [email protected] Happy to give you my opinion, but be sure to give me yours first!

And by all means, don’t forget Mother’s Day!
Give her The Gift of Style


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