Toss It Thursday

Reduce...Reuse, reduce, recycle, rerun, re, re, re…

While making over wardrobes, closets, lifestyles and habits, words that start with RE, repeat and repeat again. Reuse…I can wear those worn out sneakers to garden (garden now frequently used as a verb). Reduce…I guess it’s true that since I am only walking one dog, I don’t need to have 19 dog-walking coats. Recycle…Do you think if I hacked off 4 feet from this coat it would be a better looking jacket? Rerun…Pretty sure my white pantsuit could be saved for my next Saturday Night Fever party. Re, re, re…..reinvent yourself! Fashion is supposed to be refreshing, rejuvenating and rewarding!

This blog is over because I do not want to regurgitate. As Cher so famously barked in Moonstruck – snap out of it!

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