Magical Mentoring Moments

Recently I was asked to mentor a few terrific fourth grade girls from the local elementary school. They have a mentor program for kids to match up with an adult who engages in what they think might be their ‘future passion’.

I present – The Tale of the Trendy Trio

One month ago I met three adorable, enthusiastic girls who wanted to learn about fashion design. So, we began where all designers begin – we searched for inspiration.

Week One – I taught them the meaning of an inspiration board (as it relates to life in general) and of course how it could relate to fashion design. Their homework – grab a shoebox and hunt and gather all week for items that could be defined under the three categories of color, texture and shine. They collected magazine clippings, fabric swatches, buttons, beads, ribbons, sequins, threads and more. Their boxes were over-flowing (to say nothing of their enthusiasm).

Week Two – Assemble the board with purpose, creativity, and imagination, incorporating three dimensional color, texture and shine. The boards were stunning when they returned!

Week Three – Sketch their design on a separate board and then build it out by embellishing it with items from their board. Establish their designer names and incorporate those into their inspiration boards.

Their final projects were amazing. From their boards to their designs, from their outfits to their smiles and presentations, these girls were ‘spot-on’!  They did an incredible job and were so thankful for my help. But the bottom line here – I was so thankful to have the opportunity to spend time with them and they have inspired me to go forward with enthusiasm, excitement and energy.

Here is the frosting on the cake – watch the video clip – Mentor Magic

Color, texture & shine!

Thanks girls – my Trendy Trio!!

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