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Visionary Entrepreneur Award Finalist

Innovative Woman in Business Award I am so excited to share this news! I have been named a finalist by Today’s Innovative Women in the category of Visionary Entrepreneur. I am headed to LA next week to spend a few days with fabulous innovative women of course! Stay tuned… Link here to view the full magazine article  

Clueless When It Comes to your Style?

What did you wear today? Was it an easy choice or is there a discard pile on your floor? Pick a reason (or three) why you might feel clueless when it comes to your style: 1. I don’t know my body type and consequently have no clue how to dress it. 2. My closet is a black hole and […]

Trending Tuesday…Perfect Pairings

It’s Trending Tuesday, let’s talk hosiery. To wear or not to wear. To match or not to match. To make a statement or to blend in. So many considerations! Whether or not to wear hosiery remains a contested issue among women. Changes in fashion and workplace dress codes have caused some women to forgo hosiery for […]

Makeover Monday… Makeover Your Closet

Before you makeover your wardrobe you need to makeover your closet. It’s pretty basic – you don’t know what you need if you don’t know what you have! Start with the basics, here’s a mini lesson: Pack up the summer goods including shoes, and move them to an off season closet. Now get like with […]

Fabulous Friday… A Shout Out to Tory Burch

Today’s ‘fabulous’ is a shout out to Tory Burch, great shoes and straight forward styling tips on how to wear them! There is a science to style and so many women end up with one-shot-wonders in their closet and they don’t know what to pair them with. Take a peruse through the slipper, the ballet […]

Toss It Thursday…Toss Your Style

Photo: More Magazine

Your signature look with a twist… Jani Moon, 37, is a New York City–based media trainer with a penchant for clothes she categorizes as bohemian eccentric. Problem is, the look undermines her professional credibility. To help her add polish without surrendering her artsy sensibility, we suggested this print, which is fun and graphic but has […]

Wardrobe Wednesday… Fall Trends

It’s time to start perusing fall trends.  You can take a look the Fab 5 from Nordstroms here Yes, they may not ALL be for you, but you probably are not going to get new ideas from the old clothes in your closet unless of course you schedule a WARDROBE DISCOVERY appointment with me.   […]

Trending Tuesday…New Black Shoes

Bump up the black shoes in your wardrobe, from flats to pumps to booties! There are common denominators in every wardrobe, one of those denominators is black shoes. Let’s talk black flats, black pumps and black booties. I put together this collection for a client yesterday as she has a mega cool taping for a […]

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