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Crushing on the Velvet Trend

In most of my frequent closet visits (not mine of course) there is always a trend in what is unearthed. Most commonly spotted is a keepsake of Mom’s, a ghost-like empty plastic dry cleaner bag and something velvet –most certainly black velvet! Well it’s time for all those things to come out of the shadows. Do something with Mom’s […]

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How to Swap Out Your Seasonal Wardrobe

We just completed the first in a series of Fashion Workshops last night and I felt compelled to share the ‘first steps’ with all of you in light of the recent spike in temps. (Global warming is fake news? Give me a break – get a grip!) We fashionista’s are always anxious to embrace the new seasons – […]

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Stay on Trend With the Pantone Fall/Winter Color Palette

Keeping up with the latest runway looks, catalogue styles and featured store promotions can be confusing, expensive and a full-time job. Trust me, I work at it daily! What’s a busy wanna-be fashionista to do? Simple – update your Fall wardrobe by color! Ever heard of Pantone? They are the leading color analysts in the […]

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It’s Time To Shake Those Booties

Seems like the minute that August arrives, so do the chilly feet!  It’s easy to throw on a sweater, grab a sweatshirt or don a shawl on a chilly afternoon, but the challenge of defining the footwear is so much more cumbersome. We get so used to the freedom of spreading toes, that we cringe […]

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Stop Stressing About Holiday Dressing

The truth be told, many women stress daily about dressing. If you are a repeat reader you know that I spend my writing hours trying to de-stress the situations. I give advice on closet editing, building wardrobes, how to accessorize, how to dress by body proportion, how to accentuate the assets and disguise the liabilities, […]

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What Women Want…As Gifts This Holiday Season

What Women Want sounds a bit like a fantasy romance. Well actually it is – it was a movie about 16 years ago with Helen Hunt ( a fan favorite) and Mel Gibson (not so much), where a fluke accident gives him the ability to read women’s minds. Well now – wouldn’t that be telling […]

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Are You Shopping On Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

Attention holiday shoppers, this is a newsflash. The deals are not really epic! I repeat – not epic! Black Friday is famous for its shady deals, its hype and its controversies. Who’s open, who’s closed, who’s deals are amazing and who’s deals are duds. Most retailers do offer their biggest no-holds-barred discounts of the year, but […]

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Ready To Rock Some Velvet?

It’s baaaaack! The quintessential 90’s velvet trend has circled back. From the runways to the movies, to the department stores, even home furnishings, you name it, it comes in velvet this season!I often joke with my event crowds that no doubt they have a Stevie Knicks floor length velvet skirt hanging in the dark side of […]

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Shopping For Sassy Holiday Shoes

Hoping to comfortably step out in style this holiday season? Wondering what makes a good holiday shoe? That’s kind of like wondering what makes a good zucchini bread. Well Dorothy, you are going to need the basics – flour, sugar, raisins, and zucchini – agreed? But diving deeper it could be white flour, whole-wheat flour, […]

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Reframing Your Mirror Image

There are two factors to how you personally perceive yourself – I call them the 2 M’s – the mind and the mirror. How often do we hear our girlfriends say how they still feel like they are in their twenties or thirties? How they still feel like that same girl, lassy, rebel, sweetheart is […]

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