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The Perfect Shoes for Not So Perfect Feet

What’s your first memory of your feet going bad? I hear a collective sigh right now, which actually brings me comfort knowing I am not alone (misery loves company). What’s your first memory of your grandmother?  Here’s mine, a trifecta of sorts: She had the softest skin, she collected salt and pepper shakers from around […]

What Women Want for the Holidays

What an amazing community the Better-After-50 crowd is! I am honored to have been a friend/reader/writer and supporter for over 5 years now and the content and camaraderie just keeps growing! I took a memory stroll back through my BA50 holiday archives and sure enough, as I sat with my glass of Merlot and reread them all, they were […]

Do We Really Care About Designer Labels?

Let’s start with the not so big news this week – Victoria Beckham’s line was released at Target to mixed reviews such as “Willy Wonka-ish” and “brights that look like you should be working in the construction zone.” Target’s past collaborations with Lily, Missoni and Zac Posen caused uproars that made the nightly news and sold […]

Look Fabulous At Any Age

Does that phrase sound familiar?  I hope so. That means you’re paying attention to what BA50 has been telling you about their fabulous upcoming event called She Did It / Boston – Step Into Your Next Stage With Confidence I am excited to share that I will be a speaker at this event talking about […]

It’s Fashionable To Exercise!

So, you finally got your butt off the couch? It’s only been about 55 days since that January 1st resolution! Good for you – this is a PR (personal record – just for the record). What now? Well let me ask you, if you are working out at a gym, a fitness facility or even […]

What’s In Your Pajama Drawer?

So what’s in your pajama drawer? This is always the drawer that clients keep a lid on when we are doing a wardrobe edit, no doubt for multiple reasons. The main one being that women accumulate and wear what amounts to rags in bed! The old syndrome, someone else always comes first! So what do […]

Tips To Avoid Mother Of The Bride Dress Drama

Are you a victim of Mother of the Bride Dress Drama? Okay, let’s be honest. Your child’s wedding day is a joyful event. Being the mother of the bride or groom is a damn proud moment. Buying your dress for the big day is a damn pain in the *ss! So many things to consider both […]

How To Live Every Day In Full Color

Did you ever have a day when you felt like you looked pretty damn good, but had no clue why? That happened to me today – a rare event I must admit. I found myself checking my reflection in the rear view mirror a few times, wondering out loud if it was because of the […]

What’s In Your Costume Closet?

Ever met someone and you think you are looking at Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks or possibly even Elvis? How did I do? Did you actually visualize those three characters? Now, what if we met them just as they got out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel? How did I do? Are you visualizing […]

What Are You Saving It For?

Put some lipstick on and just use it! Chances are you will never wear it out. I remember in the early 70’s my parents bought a burgundy Ford LTD. I can remember the look, the feel, and the attitude that went along with riding in that car. It was unparalleled – for a twelve year […]

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