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Nothing to Wear on New Year’s Eve?

Twas the season… be jolly or stressed and frazzled? The holiday season was a whirlwind of errands – shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking, decorating, and driving! And now…here comes the biggest excuse of the year to dress up and party! Yikes, were YOU not on your own shopping list? Are you now fretting about how to muster […]

The Top 5 Steps To Refresh Your Image

Imagine with me for a moment… You just got the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Maybe You… Are launching a new empty nest business Re-launching a career that has been on hold Reaching for a higher position within your company Have the opportunity to land a million […]

Pretty Power Play: How To Make A Powerful Presence

Pretty – Attractive to look at Power –  The ability to control Play – A person that has a lot of influence over other people When it comes to image, dressing with purpose, could be defined in many ways. I often compare it to the ‘wardrobe’ of an actor who is dressed for the role of the laboring […]

10 Tips To Rock The Transition From Office To Evening

Tis the season… to be jolly? Tis the season to be stressed and frazzled might seem more like it. The holiday season can be a whirlwind of errands – shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking, decorating, and more shopping, all of this on top of a 40 hour work week.  As if that isn’t exhausting enough, you are expected […]

Cyber Sleuthing for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a spin-off of Black Friday that debuted in 2005 and is the biggest online shopping day of the year. It always takes place the Monday after Black Friday, with December 1st being the 2014 date to mark on your calendar. Forget Black Friday when it comes to building your wardrobe with purpose. Seriously, […]

Style Tips To Battle Your Style Rut

Are you in a style rut? Not sure how to battle your way out? Feeling stuck in your neutral-zone wardrobe or same old, same old look? It’s easy to get into a habit or keep a look that worked for you…once…a decade ago. Maybe it’s time for a change! Recognize and acknowledge your own rut […]

Perusing For The Perfect Sweater

AKA – Not Your Mister Rogers Cardigan If you are a frequent reader you probably have heard me mention Mister Rogers’ cardigans more than once. So let me set the record straight. I loved Mister Rogers…many a quiet day was spent curled up in a comfy chair with my two beautiful little girls (not so […]

How YOU Can Rock The Leopard Print

Is the lovely leopard luring you in? Unsure about how to navigate your way through the jungle this Fall? Here’s how to tame the desire and rock the leopard print. Think ‘categories’ here ladies, don’t think shopping cart. It’s a very different thing if you fill your shopping cart with black items as you work through […]

Top Ten Tips To Looking Taller

Are you vertically challenged? While you may not be able to change the cards you were dealt, the right clothing and accessories can actually help you appear taller than you are. Let’s ditch the 6-inch platform shoes and talk about a few ways to fake those extra inches without breaking the bank. Between us girlfriends, […]

How To Build A Working Wardrobe

Are you praying for a sale? Have you ever heard the phrase ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’? Let me show you how planning is way better than praying (when it comes to shopping anyway). In order to show you this clearly and concisely I will need to be clear and concise. In […]

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