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The Perfect Shoes for Not So Perfect Feet

What’s your first memory of your feet going bad? I hear a collective sigh right now, which actually brings me comfort knowing I am not alone (misery loves company). What’s your first memory of your grandmother?  Here’s mine, a trifecta of sorts: She had the softest skin, she collected salt and pepper shakers from around […]

Pretty Power Play: How To Make A Powerful Presence

Pretty – Attractive to look at Power –  The ability to control Play – A person that has a lot of influence over other people When it comes to image, dressing with purpose, could be defined in many ways. I often compare it to the ‘wardrobe’ of an actor who is dressed for the role of the laboring […]

Style Tips To Battle Your Style Rut

Are you in a style rut? Not sure how to battle your way out? Feeling stuck in your neutral-zone wardrobe or same old, same old look? It’s easy to get into a habit or keep a look that worked for you…once…a decade ago. Maybe it’s time for a change! Recognize and acknowledge your own rut […]

My Empty Nest Is A Mess

What’s living in your nest? Different species of birds use different materials to build their nests. Some use twigs, sticks, weeds, spider webs, lichens, insect cocoons, feathers, moss and even dryer lint! Might this sound like your closets? Both you and your house have earned the chance to breath a little now that there is […]

Dysfunctional Relationship With Your Stuff?

The pending end of summer is both bittersweet and a relief – come on admit it! We are creatures of habit – we like order. Yes we like sunshine, barbecues, outdoor sports and sand in the car (not really), but there is something settling about settling back into a Fall routine. Knowing that you aren’t […]

How To Build A Working Wardrobe

Are you praying for a sale? Have you ever heard the phrase ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’? Let me show you how planning is way better than praying (when it comes to shopping anyway). In order to show you this clearly and concisely I will need to be clear and concise. In […]

4 Point Checklist To Great Fitting Pants

First, interview the pants and then get naked! Got your attention? Good…now pay attention! If you are going on a first date…what are the requirements you might have for the prospect? Let’s pick 4… He’s wearing a belt He has change in his pockets His pants aren’t dragging on the floor His butt isn’t sagging in […]

Top 5 Tips To Outlet Shopping

Okay, it’s summertime and supposedly the living is easy. However this cliché does not apply to shopping. Should I go outlet shopping or stick a fork in my eye? Clients hire me everyday because they hate to shop. Reasons given – too many stores, too many price points, too far away, everything looks the same, I […]

Color, Texture & Shine

I first became familiar with the phrase color, texture & shine while working with Stacy London a few years back. As she shared her fashion expertise with us, she always spoke in terms of color, texture and shine, almost insisting that a client had to have the daily requirement of those three components before she walked out the door. […]

3 Steps To Sexy Looking Legs

I cannot tell you how many times a week I am asked – should I or shouldn’t I? Hosiery or no hosiery? The most pressing request came from a client I was styling for her appearance on the Katie Couric show. In advance of her debut, we took care of the clothing, the hair, the […]

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