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The Perfect Shoes for Not So Perfect Feet

What’s your first memory of your feet going bad? I hear a collective sigh right now, which actually brings me comfort knowing I am not alone (misery loves company). What’s your first memory of your grandmother?  Here’s mine, a trifecta of sorts: She had the softest skin, she collected salt and pepper shakers from around […]

The Top 5 Steps To Refresh Your Image

Imagine with me for a moment… You just got the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Maybe You… Are launching a new empty nest business Re-launching a career that has been on hold Reaching for a higher position within your company Have the opportunity to land a million […]

Tips To Avoid Mother Of The Bride Dress Drama

Are you a victim of Mother of the Bride Dress Drama? Okay, let’s be honest. Your child’s wedding day is a joyful event. Being the mother of the bride or groom is a damn proud moment. Buying your dress for the big day is a damn pain in the *ss! So many things to consider both […]

Tall Tips For Leggy Ladies

  Let’s start with this: Permission To Wear Heels Granted! For a kid whose pants were always too short, I didn’t end up being a ‘tall’ woman, not by industry standards anyway. Now there’s a can of worms – what the heck are industry standards? Was that something that went awry during the Tupperware era? (That […]

4 Points To Ponder When Purchasing Boots

Here in New England, Fall is in full force, which means we can finally break out the boots. For those of you still in the warmer climates, you will just have to suffer with boot envy! Last week we covered the booties – pant booties, dress booties and rockin’ booties. This week we move up the leg […]

How To Shop For Booties

How often have you coveted a pair of boots, felt sassy as you pranced around the slippery carpet in the shoe department, couldn’t wait to get them home, and then, damn, are these the same boots I tried on? • Did they pack the wrong size, they are so tight! • Were they this stiff […]

How YOU Can Rock The Leopard Print

Is the lovely leopard luring you in? Unsure about how to navigate your way through the jungle this Fall? Here’s how to tame the desire and rock the leopard print. Think ‘categories’ here ladies, don’t think shopping cart. It’s a very different thing if you fill your shopping cart with black items as you work through […]

How To Buy The Perfect Handbag

When was the last time you performed a bag assessment? A purse is more than an accessory – it is a statement, an investment, and a daily companion. Seriously, what do you hold more often than your bag? You carry it every day, so it has to be versatile, comfortable and good looking. It has […]

Dysfunctional Relationship With Your Stuff?

The pending end of summer is both bittersweet and a relief – come on admit it! We are creatures of habit – we like order. Yes we like sunshine, barbecues, outdoor sports and sand in the car (not really), but there is something settling about settling back into a Fall routine. Knowing that you aren’t […]

3 Steps To Sexy Looking Legs

I cannot tell you how many times a week I am asked – should I or shouldn’t I? Hosiery or no hosiery? The most pressing request came from a client I was styling for her appearance on the Katie Couric show. In advance of her debut, we took care of the clothing, the hair, the […]

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