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The Top 5 Steps to Conquer Closet Chaos

How many times have we heard that we wear only 15% of what is in our closet? Okay then, let’s tackle the other 85% once and for all! Follow along with me for a moment. I want you to close your eyes and visual your closet. Visualize the space, or the lack thereof, the assorted […]

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Pop a Pair of Printed Pants This Summer

Are you wondering how to pop some colors this summer? Is white your idea of color? Come on girlfriend, get with the program and pack away your neutrals. As always, let’s start from the bottom up. Printed pants are all the rage and you can certainly incorporate one pair of printed pants into your white […]

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Start Your Spring Shopping With Purpose

As a former buyer in the fashion industry, I had several million dollars a year to spend in the market. Every single dollar of my open to buy had to be calculated by category so that when you, the customer, came in any of our stores we had an ample supply of jackets, skirts, pants, […]

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Stop Stressing About Holiday Dressing

The truth be told, many women stress daily about dressing. If you are a repeat reader you know that I spend my writing hours trying to de-stress the situations. I give advice on closet editing, building wardrobes, how to accessorize, how to dress by body proportion, how to accentuate the assets and disguise the liabilities, […]

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Just How Should I Style My Scarf?

With the chill in the air, we begin to layer with the most common Fall addition being our beloved scarves. Whereas there are certain style elements that are better for your body, it is also true that there are certain styles of scarves that are a better fit for your body. Let’s start at the beginning […]

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Not Feeling Like a Pretty Woman?

If it doesn’t make you feel like a Pretty Woman…it’s time to get rid of it! Performing a closet cleanse really has no season. If your personal space is a black hole, then you have permission to change that any week of the year. With that said, there are two times of the year that are […]

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Have You Defined Your Personal Dress Code?

Here’s the question – do you want to dress like working woman (at home) June Cleaver of Leave It To Beaver or Mary Richards (in the newsroom) of the Mary Tyler Moore Show? Nowadays, the lines are blurred, the glass ceilings are cracking and the dress codes include something ridiculous called Casual Fridays. What’s a […]

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5 Spring Steps To Refresh Your Image

Tired of the same old – same old?  Then change it up Alice! No one is going to select you off the street – put you in a new bra, slap some lipstick on your face and give you a reality show! If you want something, haven’t you learned by now that you need to […]

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The Top 5 Reasons You Have Closet Paralysis

1. You don’t know what the hell is in there ~ When my clients and I are in the getting to know each other phase, I often request that they send me a picture of their closet. I had a woman respond, “Do the doors have to be open?” Ladies, we cannot build a house if we […]

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