Vacation Packing With Purpose

There are many perks that come with being an image consultant, personal stylist, author and speaker. The main perk is meeting fabulous women everyday. Whether it is someone who has found me online, been referred by other happy clients, has read one of my many articles on BA50 or my weekly style blog or has even purchased my book on Amazon from somewhere around the globe – I eventually manage to ‘meet’ them. Meet them online, engage in complimentary consults, exchange photos or ideas, speak at their corporate offices or wind up in their closets! No matter the gateway to entry – the bottom line is, it is fabulous! This week was no different. In addition to my regular social ying yang – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn – I attended two terrific women’s conferences this week – at one I was a speaker at and the other I was an exhibitor, giving me the opportunity to both give and receive. My conversations were enjoyable and enlightening (women are such good sharers)!

The second major perk from helping clients figure out their wardrobes and how to shop with purpose, is that it helps me as well!

I just returned from an amazing vacation in the British Virgin Islands. Much to my delight, as I searched, shopped and blogged for others, I found all of my vacation ‘must-haves’ and it was a clear and concise short list and I actually wore what I brought (with the exception of the mandatory white ankle jeans) because it was too freiking hot – like we didn’t know that was going to happen!

I’ll share my insider summer wear secret – Athleta is awesome! Their products are good quality, their customer service is top notch, their catalogues are spot on and their website is clean, clear and concise – what’s not to like? I like it so much I am going to be holding a few private events in their stores in the upcoming months. Key words here – private events. Email me if you would like to be on that list – subject line Private Event.

Here’s my short list for Island traveling – by category of course. I know you frequent readers are rolling your eyes now!

Starting from the bottom up – another common theme.

One pair of walking sandals – they don’t have to be beautiful – they have to be comfortable, waterproof and packable. I brought Merrels.

One pair of snazzy lightweight breathable sneakers – for Full Moon beach parties when your toes might need a bit more protection from the moon drinkers…wink, wink. I brought my
Ellen Degeneres sneaks.

One pair of amazingly lightweight loose fitting navy ankle pants -perfect for the airports, the cold planes and airport photo opps as seen here with my fav Steph Curry! 2 pair of swim shorts – one black, one navy – for bopping around the Islands and ocean dipping in between – they dry in minutes!

For tops I brought a matching navy cross strap tankini swimsuit top that of course matched the shorts and allowed for quick dips in the aqua waters and picked up a shirred band bottom for days when I wanted to be a bit more ‘cheeky’ at the pool (but I always had my swim skirt handy in my bag for let’s say, after a poolside lunch!

Then of course there were all the other activities in the dangerous and damaging sunshine. I sported this sleeveless top over my swimsuit to keep my back from being burned while snorkeling and sported the long sleeved top while sailing from amongst the Islands.

Then of course you need a zip-up windbreaker for if and when the weather whips up! Throw a bright white topper in the mix!

Lastly – something soft and cozy for hanging out under the stars – this beyond soft sweatshirt will become your summer staple!

And the only two accessories you need are your matching Swell bottle and a fabulous big hat to protect your face and hide your beach hair!

That’s it! You are dressed and all of these items fit in a carry-on! Who wants to waste Island time standing at baggage claim! Pack your bags with purpose and take lots of pics!

Need more help? Start with a complimentary consult!

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Dressing With Confidence

Here’s the question – do you want to dress like working woman (at home) June Cleaver of Leave It To Beaver or Mary Richards (in the newsroom) of the Mary Tyler Moore Show?  Nowadays, the lines are blurred, the glass ceilings are cracking and the dress codes include something ridiculous called Casual Fridays. What’s a woman to do? Where to turn, where to shop, what to buy, what to wear?Are you unsure what your image should be? Should you fit into the mold or break the mold? Will you be considered creative, or tagged fancy as a fruitcake?  Should you conform to business attire if you have your own business? Should you set your own dress code and dress by a set of rules based on your business type?

Photo: CBS Photo Archives

Photo: CBS Photo Archives

Oooh – those of us who may be over 50 are shuddering at the words ‘a set of rules’ – no way man – I’m too old for a set of rules. I want to fly my own plane – with no assigned seats and bathrooms bigger than phone booths.

I want to wear what I want to wear – I want to be comfortable. When I hear that from a woman, she is really saying – “I have no freaking clue what size I am so consequently I buy the wrong size and either can’t sit down in the pants or need duct tape to hold them up.”

Let’s start with redefining business attire as it pertains to YOU!

What is your business, are you employed or self-employed? For the sake of today’s post let’s say self-employed. After all, many of us are way more discerning with what we do with our time. We know how to say no, except when it comes to volunteering.

When it comes to our business the only annoyance we put up with is the annoyance we create. We are smart enough to know when to back off of our own work load (are we really?) If not really, we have most likely hired a business coach to show us how to back off. We have most likely embraced the notion of a virtual assistant. We have outsourced (or have on our wish list) the future outsourcing of cleaning the house (or at least rug shampooing), ironing shirts (hello dry cleaner), mowing the lawn (4 guys show up and are done in 7 minutes flat – how can that NOT be worth it), grocery shopping (hello Peapod), manicures (pretty sure no one does their own nails anymore), hair care (unless your hair is blue, you most likely have a hairdresser visit scheduled every 8 weeks), cobbler (can’t get black shoe polish on your new manicure), car oil change (if you change your own let me know as I have a 1947 MGTC that could use your expertise), and we’ll stop there. But WAIT – no one to help us get dressed?

Seriously – you are going through the midlife thing, you are a newly termed empty-nester, might have gained or lost a few pounds (the girls not quite happy in the current bra), might be re-entering the workforce, might be staring your own business, might be downsizing your home (or taking over newly empty closets) and you haven’t outsourced your image?

How the heck are you going to get dressed if you don’t know what size you are, what is hiding in the bowels of your closet from play-date days, how to brand yourself for your new business or new job, what to buy, where to buy it or what to budget? Come on now, being better-after-50 means realizing that it’s about damn time you were on the top of your own list. If not now – when?

Let’s fix the things that are fix-able. Let’s work on your image, your style, and your self-confidence. Think back to the last event you attended. Was it was a networking event, a college reunion or even a holiday gathering? How easy was it to see who entered the room wearing confidence and who didn’t? Were you the one walking in feeling loud and proud or were you noticing those who did? It’s time for you to take center stage in your own life. It’s time for you to be loud and proud and make the entrance into your own new chapter (don’t have a new chapter – then write one).

If you are a woman in business who struggles with her image, it’s time for you to outsource your style. Get with the program. Treat yourself – you are so worth it! No matter where you are in the world, there’s a stylist waiting to help you. Shop wisely for the right match to be sure you are compatible. Not sure where to start? Start here – Complimentary Consult – we’ll talk about who you are, where you live, what your budget is, what you struggle with and what your desired outcome is. You have to start somewhere – just know there is help, you don’t have to go it alone. Let’s figure it out once and done so you can rock the room, your promising business and the rest of your life!

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Color Yourself Beautiful

Photo Benjamin Norman
NY Times

Trending for Spring – Color, Color, Color!

Let’s celebrate that the need to layer in shades of black and grey is no longer weather mandated. We have officially arrived at the most creative and colorful season of the year, as evidenced by the recent sightings at the Met Gala in NYC. Let’s embrace it and bring it into your everyday life. And there is no better friend to share the color news with, than your closet!

Before we dive into the deep end let’s chat about color when it comes to patterns, which is usually how most women introduce the zing. The first styling questions that usually come up are, “If I am stepping out of my neutral comfort zone should I introduce color as solids or patterns and should my patterns be floral or geometric?”

Let’s look around your home for immediate inspiration. Is your upholstery, curtains or artwork floral or geometric? That just might give you a bit of insight as to what you really are attracted to because you are living with it day in and day out. Then as you peruse the racks, you at least have the pattern-game-plan in mind.

Now mind you, just because you have patterns in your kitchen may not mean they look good on your butt! So, consider all the variables and perhaps your personal expressions would be better worn as a shoe, a scarf or a handbag! All fair game for a pop of color and zing!

But if you are introducing patterns into the basics be sure to pick a pattern where the main color story is actually a color that you are attracted to and would blend with other solid pieces in your wardrobe to be able to make what is commonly referred to as an ‘outfit’! Don’t pick a pattern that is fluorescent shades of lime and fuchsia when the rest of your pre-existing wardrobe pieces are all navy and charcoal. It will remain a one shot wonder in your closet that never comes out to play because it doesn’t match anything.

The other element you have the choice of, is where you incorporate the patterns when it comes to the categories in your wardrobe.

If you are perhaps a fuller-on-the-top gal, then you might opt to keep your solids on your top-half and add some texture and pattern to your bottom-half on either your pants or your skirts.

And vice versa, if you are a fuller-on-the-bottom gal, you are going to want to keep your solids on the bottom, thereby diminishing the liability, and adding color and patterns above the waist with blouses, sweaters, jackets or scarves. Let’s begin to peruse the racks in both solids and patterns for that missing spark! The following are not specific links ladies, they are idea sparkers for you to keep top of mind as you move about the stores. Let your eyes  guide you to color, no matter the category and shop with abandon!

Need more help dressing with color? Start with a complimentary consult!

Are you a DYI-er? Grab my savvy style guide at 50% off – use code BA50 at checkout!

Need up close and personal help?
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Wearing Your Heart On Your Tee

Image Source @TimRegas

There is no denying that today’s street style includes graphic tees. Whether it is politics, causes, preferences or simply a sense of self expression and individuality, we women are putting it out there!

Perhaps it is time for you to jump on the bandwagon and rock a bit of nostalgia yourself. No doubt in your bottom drawer are a few tees that you just can’t part with. Perhaps your college T, your Led Zeppelin T or your Boston Marathon T?

You just have to be sure to pull the look together with a great fitting pair of jeans and maybe a leather (pleather) topper (no Mr. Rogers cardigan with a Micky Mouse tee please!)

Make it look a bit edgy, laid back and cool at the same time! If it is big and baggy, roll the sleeves, knot the bottom and rock a colorful cross-body bag and a pair of studded flats to complete the look.

If your bottom drawer is void of vintage tees or quirky slogans, then shop for just one – one will do the trick to create that laid back summer style. Perhaps it is your favorite band, charity or cause or perhaps you just want to be a bit rebellious. Well I say – rock on to that!

Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing…

The Beatles
Tressed To Impress
Namastay In Bed
The Most Important Decision
Dream Often
Race For The Cure
Beet It
Karl Lagerfeld
I Need More Space
The Waves Are Calling

Sign up for my workshop at the SheDidIt Conference on May 17th!

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Sassy Sneakers Are Back In Style

Let’s stop sneaking around the sneaker issue. Sneaks are cool again girlfriend! Gone are the days when we were fearful of sporting a pair of sneakers when not actually working out! Gone are the days when our only choices were big white leather heavy **it kickers or high-top ROTC looking sneakers.

Face it – summer is coming and casual time should be on the front burner. Think ankle pants, capris, shorts and casual skirts and you can sport a sporty shoe. Heck, drop a dress and pop a mesh slip-on on! We busy women have places to go, things to see, mountains to climb, pooches to walk. Or we just have plain old trips around town, lounging at Starbucks and weekend barbecues. The reasons to sport a sport shoe are endless, at least until Labor Day!

Shop wisely, make sure they are not heavy or stiff, they breath and of course, they look cool!

Here are a few choices of sneakers I came across this week as I perused for vacation fashions.

Josef Seibel
A sweeping toe bumper and smart perforations emphasize the sporty chic of a relaxed leather sneaker.

Ellen Degeneres
Smooth leather trims a sporty, breathable mesh-knit sneaker set on a clean white sole.

Gucci’s classic Ace sneaker gets an infusion of vintage glamour with ornate floral embroidery, a metallic heel and a pastel sole.

Nike Air Force
Air-Sole heel provide ventilation and cushioning while the deep-tread injected sole offers light-as-air comfort and flexibility.

For those of you not fond of laces, here are a few slip-on options!

Michael Kors
A casual-chic sneaker in an of-the-moment, slip-on style

Earth Tangelo
Floral and geometric cutouts lend vintage sophistication to an on-trend slip-on sneaker

Sperry Seaside
A perforated leather upper extends the effortless everyday appeal of a well-cushioned slip-on sneaker

Caslon Eden
Tiny perforations add breathability and distinctive texture to an out-of-the-ordinary sneaker

Need more help dressing your toes? It’s time to outsource your style. Start with a complimentary consult!

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Do We Really Care About Designer Labels?

Let’s start with the not so big news this week – Victoria Beckham’s line was released at Target to mixed reviews such as “Willy Wonka-ish” and “brights that look like you should be working in the construction zone.” Target’s past collaborations with Lily, Missoni and Zac Posen caused uproars that made the nightly news and sold out in hours. This collection is rumored to still be hanging full size runs in the stores, except for the pieces that immediately made their way to Ebay. (There’s always an opportunist that’s looking to make a buck, or five.)

So, the question is, is it Target, is it Victoria or is it the consumer? My guess is, it is the consumer, their taste level, their budget and their belief that the label just isn’t that important! When it comes to ‘mature’ shoppers, their tastes have changed, evolved and in some cases just plain backed out the door in favor of budget and comfort.

But let’s rake it in a bit and not focus on the few that are living in moo-moos and acorn slippers.

My clients include C-suite executives, women emerging from the Mommy decade, women launching their own businesses and women retiring and recreating themselves. But honestly in the last 7 years I have had less than 5 women use an actual designer name on my introductory questionnaire when answering the query, “Where do you like to shop?”

Answers do include stores such as Ann Taylor, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Black White Market and the like, but those are stores, not designers.

Then there are those who name department stores like Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Saks and Dillard’s. All department stores that carry true designer labels but no one specifies a designer name! And rarely do I hear about free standing designer stores like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Vince or Victoria Beckham!

How many of you have ever perused through the designer names on the department store drop downs without being on the search for one particular name? How many names do you actually recognize or can you spell? Any clue what the styles of those designers are or are you assuming ‘designer’ equates to out-of-my-price-range?

Let’s re-think that just a bit! There are definite sky high, albeit ridiculous price points – found one here – a Valentino green leather mini-skirt for $2690 bucks – seriously?

There is a bit of a sliding scale when it comes to designer clothing meaning that you can slide the scale down, out of the Ozone layer and peruse where you won’t need oxygen. As much as you might recognize names like Alexander McQueen and Akris, you could also make yourself aware of labels like Ellen Tracy, Tahari, Vince Camuto and the like. Warning – that does put you smack in the middle of the debate, is that a designer or a brand? But quite frankly, you might not give a flying squirrel if it looks good, is stylish, sassy and sophisticated and makes you feel like a million bucks.

Bottom line here is peruse away. Search with abandon because no doubt the more you know, the more you will increase your choices, vary your wardrobe and bump up your style. Start noticing names because they can serve you well. I often find that certain names (designers/brands) will fit you only in certain categories. For example, your work wardrobe may come together with all Vince pants, all Lagerfeld jackets and all Calvin Klein blouses – a combo of designers and brands.

Shopping across the lines will help to solve the riddle once you see the fit, fabric and style of many different options, usually ending up simplifying the search going forward. And remember while perusing online, you can always filter out the Valentino green leather mini-skirt by using the ‘price range’ option!

Need more help solving the riddle? It’s time to outsource your style. Start with a complimentary consult!

Are you a DYI-er? Grab my savvy style guide at 50% off – use code BA50 at checkout!

Need up close and personal help?

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Swimwear Shopping Survival Guide

That dreaded season that many women fear is upon our heels and every other part of our body for that matter. The double edge sword swings with the excitement of vacation and the horror of swimsuit shopping.

Swimsuit shopping is painful and the best way around it is to shop online! That way you’re avoiding the fat mirrors, the skinny mirrors, the bright lights, the cold dressing rooms and the discovery process where you’re discovering things you seem to have never known about your body. “Where did that come from?”

Once again, my usual advice is to shop by body type. We’ve had this conversation many times and as you may already know, I simply break it down by fuller on the top, fuller on the bottom, fuller in the middle, curvy and not curvy. And as always, I recommend accentuating the assets and disguising the liabilities

Before we embark on this journey let’s settle in, fire up your computer, pour a glass of Merlot and get set to dive into the deep end with confidence.

Over the last few decades of styling women, I have to say that shopping online has gotten easier, mainly because the retailers have started listening to the voices of their customers and have started to cater to the different body types that women have. It is now politically correct to embrace, promote and feel rockstar confident in any body type you may sport.

With this revelation comes the ability to now search and find anything based on body type, size, personal preference, color, price-point, you name it, you can drill down for it.

Let’s begin with Nordstrom. If you are frequent reader you may realize that I use Nordstrom’s website quite a bit and that is simply because it is easy to navigate, is visually appealing and has very good search tools. I love to shop efficiently! Let’s start under ‘women’ then drop to ‘swimwear’.

You will now have nine categories that you can filter through including swimwear item, swimwear style, body type, neckline, size, color, price, brand and even cover-up-style. Note further that under ‘swimwear style’ you now have seventeen choices that you could check off.  If you are full busted you may be looking for cup sized swimwear or underwire swimwear. If you are fuller on the bottom you may check off swim dress or skirted for your choices. If you are an avid swimmer you may check off razorback to keep your suit where it needs to stay. If you want to intentionally protect your décolletage you might want to choose the high-neck category.

Then of course under body type, every designer, company or personal stylist has their own terms for body types. I have never been big on the fruit names but noticed that Nordstrom uses pear-shaped in their descriptions in addition to athletic, hourglass, large bust, small bust and tummy concealing.

No doubt you can already see that these descriptions could save you a lot of time in the dressing room, but reminder, we are not even going in the dressing room and the reason for that is that the swimsuits are rarely merchandised by these descriptions on the sales floor – can you imagine how many signs there would be?

And what typically would happen is that you would start grabbing and you may be buck naked before you realized that the suits you hauled in there weren’t necessarily the best cut or design for you. We all tend to look at the color and the price point before we take it into the dressing room but as you can see there are many more fine-tuning options available that would save us the frustration of the good, the bad, the ugly and the ill-fitting.

Another robust online swimwear option is Lands’ End. They offer regular, plus, petite, tall and tall plus in swimwear and also filter by bra style, size and collection. They also offer a category called swim solutions (also known as disguising the liabilities). That list includes flatten tummy, full body slimming, minimize bust, conceal size, create curves and all over camouflaging.

So rather than getting in the car, cozy up on the couch and shop online. Be sure to order each swimsuit in two different sizes so that you won’t be disappointed with your UPS delivery person, it’s not their fault if you order the wrong size.

Still need more advice? I am offering a special 50% discount on my printed book, Confidence Is Always In Style. Head on over to and check out using the special discount code BA50 to receive your copy of this sassy style guide.

Sign up for Doreen’s workshop at SHE DID IT/Boston on May 17th —- guaranteed to give you and your closet a lift.


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Dressing For A Destination Wedding

Let’s be honest, for some of us, an hour away could be a destination wedding. But let’s think outside of a bigger box, perhaps even global! Even though we are not millennials, stating the obvious here, you might fall victim to the wishes of your millennial offspring.

Long gone are the days of tying the knot in your local little white chapel. And since you were probably just the best mom in the neighborhood, you may find yourself as a guest at several wedding events! It pays to be nice, depending on how you are looking at this!

You may even be more excited about the location than the event itself (and it’s okay to share that with – well – only you). And granted you may be envisioning tourist time, sightseeing time and adventure time, but lest you forget, you need to plan ‘ceremony’ time and the bride may not embrace you showing up in your bungee jumping garb.

You may also find that as creative as the destination is, so might be the invitation – filled with clues and little facts about what the hell the dress code is for a beach wedding in Belize. Are we really on the beach or just looking at the beach? Losing sleep thinking about how to keep your heels from creating divots in the sand? You need to do your homework as you may not even need shoes or you might be miles from the sand!

Here are a few dress code clues, Columbo. If it is black tie, it will say so, if it is a beach wedding, it will say so. However, it will be up to you to ‘find out more’ and a bit of sleuthing may be in order.

Prepare yourself, according to site The Knot, here are a few favorite destinations by month.

Jan/Feb – Argentina, Costa Rica, New Zealand
March – Australia, Belize, The Florida Keys
April – Bahamas, Ecuador, French Polynesia
May – Czech Republic, Fiji, Hawaii
June – Greece, Ireland, Maldives

Sound daunting? It could be, so let’s head to Pinterest and the practice of ‘tagging’. Pretty sure you have heard the term tagging, as in someone tagging you in a photo on Facebook. That is what Pinterest is all about. The search field is all about tags. Try to follow along here. Take the first example of fab places you might be invited to.

Head over to

Use these keys words in the search field. wedding.dress.guest.what to wear.Argentina   What will come up are photos of others who have worn a dress at a wedding in Argentina (or loosely defined as that). Now this isn’t where you are going to find the dress, it is where you are going to find the FLAVOR. Meaning you will at least have a clue as to the fact that your boring beige uniform will not fly in the spicy colorful world of Argentina. You are going to have to ‘spice’ it up a bit all the while considering your age, your body type, your budget and your level of comfort with ‘theme’ dressing,

That last one is a biggy.  For example – you are invited to India – you are going to have to dress within the culture – your little solid red lace Talbots dress is going to stand out like a sore thumb amongst all beautiful silk flowing dresses.

Destination hot and humid? Pay attention to the fabrics – linen, chiffon, organza and cotton are good bets for warding off dark sweat stains as they look luxurious, but are light and breathable.

Off to a festive spicy spot like Fiji? Incorporate the colors of the land so you coordinate, not clash with the surroundings.

Check out the photos from the destinations themselves on Pinterest or directly on the venue website.

If you remain completely clueless, ask the maid of honor as she is riding shotgun and has been entrusted to make sure everything about making the dream wedding for her bestie is spot on, including how the guests look!

Still clueless? Join us next week at our Spring Styling Workshop where we will cover getting dressed for all your Spring events!
We have just a few spots left – register here today –

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Dress It Up This Spring!

Whether you are dressing for the office, the cocktail hour, the Sunday brunch, the Mediterranean cruise, the graduation or the backyard barbecue – dropping a dress is the easiest and most fashionable solution! It’s once and done…as simple as that!

I can’t tell you how often I hear working women say, “My favorite office uniform is a dress, as it requires very little planning.” So true, and a perfectly minimalist way of dressing. The recipe is as basic as underwear, hosiery or not, a dress, a pair of shoes and some accessories – drop the mic – you are dressed!

The pros are many, let’s list a few.

  1. It’s only one hanger in your jammed closet.
  2. It’s only one item to get dry cleaned (as opposed to a pant/blouse/jacket combo).
  3. You can swap up the look by swapping jackets, sweaters, jewelry or scarves. The red dress you wore last week is unrecognizable when you wear it next week.
  4. You can choose styles that flatter and accentuate your body or that disguise and diminish your body.
  5. You can choose to be a solid girl and accessorize with patterns or you can be a pattern girl and accessorize with solids.
  6. You can choose your preferred sleeve length. Sleeveless and then top with a cardigan or a blazer, short sleeve and simply adorn with some arm candy, or long sleeve and keep it as simple as that.

Now if we have pros, we must have cons.

  1. The biggest con that I hear about is that women hate heels, any heels. They want to hide their ugly mugglies (aka their comfy shoes) under a nice pair of pants. Guess what girlfriend – the shoes are fixable. You don’t have to spend your life in pants because you have bunions, fallen arches or heel aversions (pun intended). There are comfortable shoes out there for any issue you can conjure up. Don’t believe me? Check out this Zappos link and look how long the list of choices/refinements are along the left column! Also ladies, not all dresses require a heel! There are plenty of stylish sassy flats and block heel shoes out there to carry the look. Just try to keep the toes a bit pointy to keep the look current and sophisticated.
  2. Women feel that dresses are remembered. (And how is that a bad thing?) Again, the answer to that is to ‘style’ them differently every time you wear them. The jumpstart for that plan is to purchase other items to go with the dress the same time that you buy the dress! What a concept. Shop for a jacket and a sweater as a layering option while you have the dress on so you can be sure they complement each other. Pick up two different color palette scarves and necklaces for the future look-changes while you have the dress in your hands. Then as soon as you introduce the dress to the old friends in your closet, peruse through and see if you see any other styling opportunities.
  3. Lastly the hosiery thing is an issue. Get over it! Got great gams, go without hosiery. Got not so great gams, don the stockings! Stockings have come a long way baby. They are soft, silky, come in a gazillion colors, styles and price points and they finish the look in an elegant and classy way. Just don’t wear them with open toe shoes – ever!

Now let’s get your dress on! Need more dress ideas? Join me on April 1st at Lord & Taylor Burlington, MA. Lord & Taylor has always been about the dress and nationwide Lord & Taylor is dedicated to assembling the best collection of dresses in all categories: day to night, formal, cocktail party, office, wedding guests and more. I am the featured stylist for this event at Lord & Taylor Burlington with festivities including fashion presentations and in-store specials. During this interactive style session I will show you how to style the same dress for different occasions. See the latest trends in accessories, shoes and handbags. That’s not all! Visit the Lancome pop up shop for a cosmetic makeover!

Tweet me to let me know you are joining us @DoreenDove.
Let’s dress up and force the Spring colors into New England!

Can’t make it? Join me on April 5th for the Executive Image Styling Workshop
Register here –

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Look Fabulous At Any Age

Does that phrase sound familiar?  I hope so. That means you’re paying attention to what BA50 has been telling you about their fabulous upcoming event called She Did It / Boston – Step Into Your Next Stage With Confidence

I am excited to share that I will be a speaker at this event talking about your image and your style and how to look fabulous at any age.

Let me give you a little background about myself. As an image consultant and personal stylist, I empower women to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image. I believe all women are beautiful and I want them to see the beauty that others see. I teach women how to dress with purpose by accentuating their assets and disguising their liabilities. In this session I will both entertain, as well as educate you, on how to choose clothing that fits your shape, your budget and your lifestyle.

Some of the takeaways of the session are:

  1. How to define your authentic style
  2. How to dress and shop with purpose
  3. How to rock your confidence after 50

Let’s talk about takeaway #1 – Your Authentic Style. That’s often used as a catch phrase in blogs and magazines write-ups and most women when they read it think, what the heck does authentic style mean to me?  The reason for confusion around this phrase is that women have been unsure where to shop – forever.  A decade ago when we only had physical stores to shop in, we were limited to the stores that were within are ‘DCZ’ – also known as driving comfort zone. As a result, we started to create a style based on the inventory those stores were offering us. Oftentimes that meant women were dressing either too young and sexy or too old and frumpy. Overheard at the register were comments like, this is the best I could find. We would look at magazines and pine over other options but they certainly were not within the DCZ.

Then came the online shopping era. Research indicates the women who now also shop online, are only shopping online at the same stores that they are familiar with, which are probably the same stores that are still within their DCZ. As a result, they are still shopping for the repeat styles and the only thing new is that they are saving on gas!

This brings us to takeaway #2 – How to Dress and Shop with Purpose.

Finding your authentic style means shopping in a different way. We will go over insider tips and tricks on how to shop online with purpose, meaning that you will order the right items, in the right size, at the right price, that will actually fit your body and flatter your style.

And that brings us to takeaway #3 – Rocking Your Confidence. There are so many more options out there that you are not aware of and this will be an awakening of your creative juices and your shopping habits and ultimately – a new you! If there is one thing we BA50’s want, it’s OPTIONS!

All three of these takeaways are connected – your style, your shopping and your confidence. We are going to save you money, we are going to buy less, we are going to love what we buy and more importantly, we are going love to wear what we buy!

And did I mention one lucky attendee will win a 2-hour Styling Session with me so we can either dive into your closet to edit and revise or we can shop and lunch together!

I go into depth on these takeaways in my book, but being up close and personal in the room with you allows for give-and-take. Meaning that I want to hear your personal questions and your personal challenges so that I can offer up my personal expertise.

I am hoping to see you in the room but if you can’t make it to She Did It / Boston,  I’m hoping to send out a copy of my book to you.

We have a global audience here at BA50 and if you are not able to make it to Boston, I am offering a special 50% discount on my printed book, Confidence Is Always In Style, for BA50 readers starting today. Head on over to and check out using the special discount code BA50 to receive your copy of this sassy style guide.

And for those of you lucky enough to be attending the event, I recommend you read the book in advance and come well-equipped with your questions.

I will see you in the audience on May 17th because it’s all about you and it’s time for you to dress with confidence each and every day!


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