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Vacation Packing With Purpose

There are many perks that come with being an image consultant, personal stylist, author and speaker. The main perk is meeting fabulous women everyday. Whether it is someone who has found me online, been referred by other happy clients, has read one of my many articles on BA50 or my weekly style blog or has […]

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Dressing With Confidence

Here’s the question – do you want to dress like working woman (at home) June Cleaver of Leave It To Beaver or Mary Richards (in the newsroom) of the Mary Tyler Moore Show?  Nowadays, the lines are blurred, the glass ceilings are cracking and the dress codes include something ridiculous called Casual Fridays. What’s a […]

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Color Yourself Beautiful

Trending for Spring – Color, Color, Color! Let’s celebrate that the need to layer in shades of black and grey is no longer weather mandated. We have officially arrived at the most creative and colorful season of the year, as evidenced by the recent sightings at the Met Gala in NYC. Let’s embrace it and […]

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Wearing Your Heart On Your Tee

Image Source @TimRegas There is no denying that today’s street style includes graphic tees. Whether it is politics, causes, preferences or simply a sense of self expression and individuality, we women are putting it out there! Perhaps it is time for you to jump on the bandwagon and rock a bit of nostalgia yourself. No […]

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Sassy Sneakers Are Back In Style

Let’s stop sneaking around the sneaker issue. Sneaks are cool again girlfriend! Gone are the days when we were fearful of sporting a pair of sneakers when not actually working out! Gone are the days when our only choices were big white leather heavy **it kickers or high-top ROTC looking sneakers. Face it – summer […]

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Do We Really Care About Designer Labels?

Let’s start with the not so big news this week – Victoria Beckham’s line was released at Target to mixed reviews such as “Willy Wonka-ish” and “brights that look like you should be working in the construction zone.” Target’s past collaborations with Lily, Missoni and Zac Posen caused uproars that made the nightly news and sold […]

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Swimwear Shopping Survival Guide

That dreaded season that many women fear is upon our heels and every other part of our body for that matter. The double edge sword swings with the excitement of vacation and the horror of swimsuit shopping. Swimsuit shopping is painful and the best way around it is to shop online! That way you’re avoiding […]

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Dressing For A Destination Wedding

Let’s be honest, for some of us, an hour away could be a destination wedding. But let’s think outside of a bigger box, perhaps even global! Even though we are not millennials, stating the obvious here, you might fall victim to the wishes of your millennial offspring. Long gone are the days of tying the […]

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Dress It Up This Spring!

Whether you are dressing for the office, the cocktail hour, the Sunday brunch, the Mediterranean cruise, the graduation or the backyard barbecue – dropping a dress is the easiest and most fashionable solution! It’s once and done…as simple as that! I can’t tell you how often I hear working women say, “My favorite office uniform […]

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Look Fabulous At Any Age

Does that phrase sound familiar?  I hope so. That means you’re paying attention to what BA50 has been telling you about their fabulous upcoming event called She Did It / Boston – Step Into Your Next Stage With Confidence I am excited to share that I will be a speaker at this event talking about […]

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